Friday, July 19, 2013

Preparation For The Written Test

Practice Tests For Driver's Permit Exam
What kind of preparation have you been doing since you got your learner’s permit? The DMV can only do so much in terms of helping you prepare. The DMV at least gives you the driver’s manual which is basically contains all the information that you need in order to get at least the 85% passing mark in the DMV written exam. You have to admit that this is a bit steep considering how some (if not most) people have this test on top of their list. Preparing for the DMV written test takes a lot more than just reading through the driver’s manual.

The fact is you can actually learn all the things that you need to pass right in the manual. The challenging part is that some people are actually not that into reading and they need something more than just some manual to absorb the essential details to pass the test. This is why reading at times won’t really cut it. Here are some tips on helping you digest the contents of your manual more effectively:

Divide and Conquer
Taking the whole manual as a whole can be too overwhelming and it has been proven through the experience of those who had taken the exam the first time and failed. It would be best to divide it into more manageable parts. It will be up to you on how you would do this but it would be best to have some sort of system to help you understand and absorb the details better.

Test yourself
Reading and making notes of what you read is not really a full proof way to know that you have taken in the necessary details of the manual. It would be best to test yourself on each part of the manual. This way you will be able to find the part where you are the weakest so you can focus on it more. You can then try some practice tests online so you don’t have to do the test on your own.

Have A Cheat Sheet Ready
I don’t mean that you use this during the test day because you could end up forfeiting the whole test. I mean that you try and prepare something that you can take out and browse through when you have the time. An ideal content of which would be a guide on road signs. The 85% passing rate means that you cannot afford to let up on items that you can actually review on.

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