Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hybrid Vehicles: The Vehicle of the Future Available Today

Because of the desire of having a vehicle wherein everyone can consume less resources and will not contribute to the air pollution, the hybrid vehicle was finally created to meet this end. And due to the rapid advancements in the gasoline engine, the hybrid vehicle has become extremely popular.

A hybrid automobile is a means of transportation using two resources sources; it uses a rechargeable fuel storage system found on board and a fuelled energy source as the car's driving force. More information about driving force can be found here: http://networkmusings.blogspot.com/2009/04/my-mom-just-totalled-her-car.html. The hybrid vehicle pollutes less and uses less fossil fuel.

Back in 1899, Ferdinand Porsche have developed and led the way to the very first working hybrid-electric car. Other people followed suit in Ferdinand Porsche's invention. Many people who became interested in the hybrid-vehicle concept have been continually making hybrid cars.  However, there was no major vehicle manufacturer who invested in the hybrid idea and mass produced hybrid cars until the late twentieth century. The hybrid technology was mainly utilized in developing diesel-electric submarines during that interim period.

The diesel-electric submarines mainly operate very much the same as a hybrid automobile. However, the submarines main goal was to conserve oxygen rather than spend less fuel. During the later years, submarines have evolved and have begun using the nuclear gasoline as a substitute for diesel.

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